We customise training to meet the needs of you and your team. To reach our potential as individuals, teams and organisations we need to be inclusive and to celebrate how we are all different.

We bring a fresh and creative perspective to diversity training which does much much more than just ticking the box. Our training is action based and is focussed on breaking down barriers.


Delight in diversity

Transforming your business or organization to put diversity at its core leads to exceptional results. In this course you will learn how to mainstream diversity and inclusion into all aspects of your work, in such a way that your delight in diversity becomes a distinguishing feature of your brand, both internal and outward facing You will explore how to recruit and retain highly skilled staff b… more

Intercultural skills

We live in an ever more connected world and superficially people can seem increasingly similar. Under the surface, however, we are all still influenced by the values, beliefs, customs, language and attitudes that derive from our home culture, as well as our educational and corporate cultures. Our intercultural skills courses encourage and equip individuals to understand their own culture an… more

Talking about taboo topics

Some diversity topics are so difficult to talk about that we avoid them. If we take race as an example, a reluctance to discuss race and acknowledge the existence of racism can make those who experience discrimination and micro-aggressions feel invisible and unheard. The 'Talking about...' courses can be tailored to individual needs and address topics such as race, gender, age, disability, sexu… more