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Radio show

I had the great pleasure of being the guest of Doug Gfeller MCC on his OC Talk Radio show The Coaching Perspective. The show goes out live on Thursday afternoons and the live element added just the right drop of adrenaline. Doug was the perfect host and was very welcoming. The topic of the show was Delighting in Difference and Celebrating Similarity. We talked briefly about how I lear… more

Millennials and technology – busting the myths

For the first time in history, five generations are working side by side. People who spent their teenage years dancing on the beach around a tinny transistor radio chat at the water cooler with coworkers who got their first smartphone at the age of ten. The media would have us believe that each generation has its own particular traits. When generations mix, the clash of values and attitudes… more

Q-less Q&A – the art of audience participation in NE Asia

It’s the stuff of nightmares. You get to the Q&A section of your meeting or presentation. You ask, “Who’d like to start us off with the first question?” Silence… Ear shattering, blaring silence. You smile nervously. “Come on! Don’t be shy. I’m sure everyone’s got lots of things they’d like to ask.” People start to shuffle awkwardly in their seats. Grinning inanely, you try to m… more


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