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Magnificent Diversity – an interview by Elfy Jo of Musical Magic

My great friend Joke, aka Elfy Jo, a multicultural polyglot magical musician, recently interviewed me on her radio show. The conversation careers around topical hairpin bends, as it always does on Joke's red sofa in Guangzhou – usually with the assistance of a G&T. We talk about our shared love of languages, discuss the power of coaching and delight in human diversity. Along the way, we… more

The importance of being show – KX 93.5

I managed to drag myself out of bed to get interviewed at 8 a.m. on a Saturday morning by the inimitable Ernest Hackmon on his Importance of Being show. There was lots of humourous banter. Apparently, I am 'linguistic'. That explains a lot! We covered a lot of ground: from my three-year-old self watching Buongiorno Italia and नै ज़िन्दगी/نئی زندگی, to the oft-recurring theme of espionage.… more

A woofing new year to you all

Puns and plays on words are a huge feature of Chinese. There are lots of words that sound similar, and Chinese characters enable people to make visual puns too – playing with characters that look alike or share visual elements. In the year of the dog, which just started, many greetings involve the play on words between wàng 旺, meaning abundance, and wāng 汪, the sound that dogs make. Yes,… more


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